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Australian Native Plants Nursery, located in Ventura, CA, is a leader in ornamental trees and shrubs for Mediterranean gardens. Shop the online store or come visit the nursery in person.

Featured Plants

  • Banksia integrifolia

    Banksia integrifolia

    Medium tree suitable coastal or inland, erosion control, frost and wind tolerant, cut flower. Yellow flowers autumn-spring. Interesting foliage and seed pods, dries well. Rare pink form sometimes available B. integrifolia subsp. monticola. One of my favourite banksias as it is so easy to grow and produces untold rewards! Great street tree and lands...

  • Hakea nodosa

    Hakea nodosa

    This is a new species that I have not grown previously from South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. It tolerates a wide range of conditions especially in areas of higher rainfall than Southern California and is quite frost tolerant. It is attractive in flower and has an interesting seed pod.

  • Hakea obtusa

    Hakea obtusa

    Medium shrub 6-9' x 4-6' with attractive pincushion cream and pink flowers appearing in spring. Requires well-drain soils in full sun or partial shade position. Tolerant of heavy frosts and extended dry periods. Fast growing attractive informal screen or hedge.

  • Gastrolobium sericeum

    Gastrolobium sericeum

    Low groundcover shrub, may grow 2' or 3' high but can be pruned to keep low and spreads approx 3 feet. Handsome in flower, it's black pea flowers are very striking. Great for containers or path edges.


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Did you know?

Eucalyptus tetragona is a beautiful shrub with white grey leaves and powdery white buds & flowers and makes a great cut flower?

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