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Australian Native Plants, located in Ventura, CA, is a leader in ornamental trees and shrubs for Mediterranean gardens. Shop the online store or come visit us (by appointment only).

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  • Leucospermum praecox 'Patricia'

    Leucospermum praecox 'Patricia'

    Evergreen, showy, compact shrub to 6' with 4" bright yellow pincushion flowers that age to orange-red in spring. Grows in white sands in its natural habitat. Flowers best in full sun. Excellent cut flower or landscape specimen. Great for container growing. Useful as a screen in hot dry areas.

  • Banksia aculeata

    Banksia aculeata

    Beautiful sharp foliage shrub with dark pink flowers grading to cream-lemon from the Stirling Ranges in SW Western Australia. Prefers acid soils but can tolerate heavier oils in cultivation. Flowers best in full sun, will tolerate partial shade but not flower as well. Grows well in a container and its been suggested in the Banksia Book to grow in ...

  • Banksia menziesii

    Banksia menziesii

    Tall shrub or small tree (dwarf forms available) with terminal silver/maroon/yellow flower heads. In its natural habitat it grows in deep sand in low woodland and tall shrub-land usually within 50 klms from the coast. It often has a twisted trunk that has thick bark. Drought and frost tolerant once established. Excellent cut flower. If left on the ...

  • Melaleuca glomerata

    Melaleuca glomerata

    Attractive multistemmed shrub 6-15' with narrow grey green leaves, papery white trunk and cream to bright yellow flowers in summer. Tolerant of most well-drained soils and situations, including alkaline soils, heavy frosts and extended dry periods. Found growing in inland Australia around saline seepages and waterholes. Plants respond to pruning an...


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Did you know?

Eucalyptus tetragona is a beautiful shrub with white grey leaves and powdery white buds & flowers and makes a great cut flower?

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