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Acacia dealbata


Adaptable smooth trunk-ed tree to 40' with bright yellow ball flowers in winter-spring. Tolerant of extended dry periods and heavy frost. Suitable coastal or inland. Suitable for fast growing windbreak, shelter belt and for erosion control, as it can sucker from the roots. Leaves can be used for dyeing material. Often requested for mail order in the Eastern USA as it is known to grow and flower indoors. It is known in Europe as "Mimosa".


Biological Name: Acacia dealbata
Common Name: Silver Acacia
Flower Color: Yellow
Flower Time: Winter-spring
Height: 30-40'
Width: Variable
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15 Gallon: $130.00
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Propagation Information: Seed germinates readily. Pour boiling water over seed and let soak overnight. Drench seed with a fungicide to prevent "Damping Off" after sowing.



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Hardenbergia, Acacia, Senna and Casuarinas have nitrogen-fixing nodules on their root systems to help provide nitrogen for other plants close to them?

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