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Hakea sericea


Ornamental, medium shrub 5-9'with linear leaves and cream to pink pincushion strongly scented flowers. Tolerant of heavy frosts and extended dry periods once established. Prefers full sun but will tolerate some shade. Excellent informal hedge, windbreak or screen and bird refuge.  Seedlings have been known to volunteer in some climates, South Australia, South Africa and New Zealand but have had no such problem in the gardens in southern California where they have been grown.


Biological Name: Hakea sericea
Common Name: Silky Hakea
Flower Color: Pink or White forms
Flower Time: Winter-spring
Height: 3-15' Variable
Width: Variable
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1 Gallon: not available
2 Gallon: not available
5 Gallon: not available
15 Gallon: not available
Mail Order Plant (online only): not available
Seeds (online only): not available
Propagation Information: No pre-treatment required. Seed germinates readily 3-12 weeks. Sow seed in mix 3:1 Perlite:Peat and cover the depth of the seed. Keep moist until germination occurs. Best to sow in individual containers to prevent damage to the root system when transplanting. Drench seed with a fungicide after sowing to prevent "Damping Off'.



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Hardenbergia, Acacia, Senna and Casuarinas have nitrogen-fixing nodules on their root systems to help provide nitrogen for other plants close to them?

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