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Templetonia retusa


Handsome rounded shrub 6'x6' with grey leaves and large pea-shaped red flowers appearing in winter - spring. Plants prefer well-drained soils in full sun to partial shade and are hardy to frost (20-22F). These showy shrubs are excellent for limestone areas. Pruning promotes compact growth habit. Resistant to salt spray.


Biological Name: Templetonia retusa
Common Name: Cockies Tongue
Family: Fabaceae
Flower Color: Red
Flower Time: Spring
Height: 4- 6'
Width: 4-5'
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Propagation Information: Seed requires pre-treatment to trigger germination. Pour boiling water over seed and let soak for 24 hours. Sow seed in seed sowing mix 3:1 Perlite:Peat and cover lightly. Drench seed with a fungicide to prevent "damping off"



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Hardenbergia, Acacia, Senna and Casuarinas have nitrogen-fixing nodules on their root systems to help provide nitrogen for other plants close to them?

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