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Wollemia nobilis


Handsome Australian Native conifer with unusual fern-like foliage, multi-stemmed and bubbly bark when mature. The Wollemi Pine is one of the worlds oldest and rarest plants. It has out-lived the dinosaurs. It is very hardy and adaptable to temps as low as -7C (19F), possibly lower especially if it is a gradual freeze. Wollemi Pines sometimes produce sap blisters on the underside of the leaves, which is natural. They also produce a wax coating on the growing buds at the onset of winter. This is thought to be a shoot protection mechanism. As the buds develop, they break through the waxy coating. The wax often remains on the stem.(Information from the Department of Primary Industries Queensland). It can be grown as a specimen tree in large gardens or as a grove or avenue. It can also be grown in containers - indoors and outdoor for many years.


Biological Name: Wollemia nobilis
Common Name: Wollemi Pine
Flower Color:
Flower Time:
Height: 60'+
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