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Acacia denticulosa


A rare and ornamental shrub 6-12' from Western Australia. The leaves are wavy and lightly toothed, feel like sandpaper and are a deep green. Deep yellow rod-like flowers appear in spring. Recently had success with propagating from seed and the book says can be grown by cuttings. Tip pruning will promote a bushier shrub. Would be an unusual plant for any plant collector. Grows best in sandy soils.


Biological Name: Acacia denticulosa
Common Name:
Exposure: Full Sun
Flower Color: yellow
Flower Time: Spring-early Summer
Height: 9-12'
Width: 6-12'
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Propagation Information: Difficult to propagate from seed as it doesn't germinate easily. Pour boiling water over seed and let soak overnight. Drench seed with a fungicide to prevent "Damping Off" after sowing.



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Hardenbergia, Acacia, Senna and Casuarinas have nitrogen-fixing nodules on their root systems to help provide nitrogen for other plants close to them?

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