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Xanthorrhoea preissii


A beautiful specimen feature in any garden or container. Beautiful specimen can be seen at the Taft Garden in Ojai or the LA Arboretum and Botanic Garden where they are about 15' tall. Their long grass-like leaves grow approximately 3-4' long and large spear-like creamy flower spike, is magnificent. They attracts birds and bees. They are slow growing initially but tolerant of most situations once established. Take care NOT to over water and rot the crown of the plant.


Biological Name: Xanthorrhoea preissii
Common Name: Grass Tree
Flower Color: White
Flower Time: When it is ready!
Height: Variable
Width: Variable
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1 Gallon: $25.00
2 Gallon: not available
5 Gallon: not available
15 Gallon: not available
Mail Order Plant (online only): $65.00add to cart
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Propagation Information: Seed may take 4-52 weeks to germinate. Best if sown fresh. Plant usually take approx. 3 years before they are ready to plant.



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Hardenbergia, Acacia, Senna and Casuarinas have nitrogen-fixing nodules on their root systems to help provide nitrogen for other plants close to them?

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